13 May, 2011

Fresture (Urban green shelter)

Polluted Environment
Most of passengers regard waiting bus as a part of journey and want to wait at a clean, comfortable and information service providing lounge.
On the other way, there are many bus stands near the road which have no shelter. People think waiting in a polluted and no seat providing environment is not a pleasure journey, they want to get on the bus as soon as possible to depart from this polluted area.

What we need
Design a better waiting area for passenger that allows them to wait at a pleasure environment.

Who will need
Target user:           HK citizen (passenger)
Target audience:   Bus Company
Target place:         Tsim sha Tsui, road side

16 February, 2011

Luxrime (a set of cup and saucer)

PLaLance (plant pot)

Props Design

<< Missing 深海尋人>> 道具擺設製作

HKIFF 2007

 HKIFF 夏日國際電影節 2007

Asian home - Music Showering System

SD3432 I&P Design Studio 2.3 - Design for Asian Home
Subject Co-ordinator: Yanta Lam (SD)
Co-tutor: Michael Leung (SD)

Design direction
Bathing and showering are the most refreshing and relaxing period when people return home and before going to work, so bathroom takes a very important role on the beginning and ending of a day. Thus, a wonderful bathing or showering experience should help people to have a better condition in living. But due to the busy life, people are unable to enjoy a very long period of bathing or showering. Moreover, the size of bathroom in public estate also limited the possibility of an ideal bathing or showering. So a design that enable user to have a better bathing or showering experience in a small area has a great potential to arise the living condition of Hong Kong people.

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Koola-Caps (sunstroke prevention accessories for kids)