20 December, 2010

南區文學徑地標設計 Landmark for the Southern District Literary Trail in Hong Kong --- 克愛 A memorial of Eileen Chang

Year 2, BA(Hons) in Design  2010/11
Duration:  5 weeks
Tutor: Benny Ding Leong (BDL), Brian Lee (BL), Michael Siu (MS)
Guest speakers: Mr. Tong Ping Leung, Prof. Yanta Lam
Co-organizer & Sponsor: Southern District Council of Hong Kong

" Stories of the Trial "
Design competition co-organized and sponsored by Southern District Council of Hong Kong. 

Project Brief

With research findings that I have obtained in our previous subject,we are asked to design one of the ‘landmarks’ (in form of public furniture or installation) along a specific trail located at the Southern district of Hong Kong (香港南區). Our design should manifest a story, scene or related occurrence of one of the five renounced literati (1. 許地山 Xu Deshan; 2. 蔡元培 Cai Yuanpei; 3. 張愛玲Zhang Ai Ling; 4. 蕭紅 Xiao Hong; 5. 胡適Hu Shi)  who has once lived (and two had even been buried) in Hong Kong.  

Together with the landmarks, we are also required to design a promotional signage in a nearby bus stop, or a supplementary promotional package that we could come up with (i.e. souvenir, digital gift, related services, etc.).

news report of exhibition by Takung Pao on the web